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remote controlled planes - how good care of rechargeable batteries enhances overall performance and will save you money!

when you have study any of my previous articles, you identify i'm a firm ally of rtfm (aka studying the flipping manual). even if you happen to learn to fly with an ama-certified trainer, do yourself a favor and study your proprietors journals. you could learn simple terminology and a touch about how precisely rc planes work, and your trainer may be inspired which you put in the time. on the subject of caring for rechargeable batteries, heeding instructions is not simply an excellent idea, it's miles essential to battery-life, performance and secure dealing with of cells.

Lipo battery

the maximum common battery sorts for radio controlled planes are nicads (nickel cadmium), nimhs (nickel-steel hydride) and lipos (lithium polymer). irrespective of which you use, it is essential to abide by manufacturers' advice. nicads must be charged and discharged, or absolutely cycled, several instances earlier than you fly to improve potential and flight size. they must be totally discharged earlier than recharged or storing to prevent memory issues. all 3 types are averse to heat, cold, moisture and direct sunlight, and want a dry, cool safe-keeping place.

Lipo battery

it is pleasurable not to completely relieve nimhs before recharging and never before storing. they're easily damaged or demolished if overcharged or undercharged, so observe instructions on charging to full probable without covering. usually allow them to settle down before recharging, as asking whilst warm can also scramble them.

because of protection hazards related to lipos, particular care need to be taken when dealing with them. if you happen to overcharge a lipo, you may be in for extra than a battery replacement. dozens of youtube movies illustrate what can manifest to lipos whilst overcharged--some of the fires and explosions are pretty fantastic. it's significantly nice to use a lipo bag or metallic container for charging or storing, and it's a very bad concept to leave a lipo untreated at some stage in charging.

care and reconstruction of your rechargeable electric batteries will insure top performance and longer mobile life styles. unfavorable or shortening a battery's lifespan through sloppy coping with and having to update one in advance can get quite highly-priced, and this is cash that might be spent on parts, add-ons or new rc planes. money besides, there are the ones safety troubles, especially with lipos, so take the time to rtfm and have a notable, safe time flying rc planes!